SMT line solutions

1) Axxon

Manufacture of quality screen printer, odd form pick & place machine and odd form insertion machine since 2009 year. The manufacturer area of 8000 square Located in Shenzhen has offices in Shanghai, Beijing and distribution in Thailand, Singapore,India. HC AUTOMATION focus on to provide high-speed, high efficient, high performance, high cost-effective standard and custom nonstandard SMT equipments for semiconductor and SMT assemble markets in every country of the world.

HC Automation has been manufacturing screen printer &odd form machines with it’s own technology and processing plant. Based on accumulated precise manufacturing technology and a strong R&D, HC Automation leads screen printer & odd form machine market and will supply much more advance &innovative machines in market.


2) Vitech

You have been redirected to this site from Vi TECHNOLOGY. Since the acquisition of Vi TECHNOLOGY in 2017, optical inspection equipment has been an integral part of Mycronic's MYPro Line solutions portfolio.

Mycronic is a leading global provider of flexible SMT assembly equipment and solutions, with a comprehensive full line offering including: optical inspection, jet printing, pick-and-place machines, material handling solutions and process control software for electronics manufacturers of PCB assemblies.

The MYPro Line brings together the most comprehensive set of equipment and technical solutions for highly reliable SMT assembly, adapted to electronics manufacturing requiring a high level of flexibility.

within the range of SMT assembly products, Mycronic provides advanced technologies for solder paste inspection, automated optical inspection and associated software solutions.

Solder paste inspection

PI series 3D SPI. Perfect solder joints made simple. Accurate solder paste inspection with unprecedented simplicity.

Automated optical inspection

I series 3D AOI. Efficient AOI technology for a wide range of industries. Powerful software, intuitive user interfaces, quality and reliability.


3) Fritsch

The FRITSCH placeALL® is the standardized platform for flexible, high-precise and cost-effective Pick & Place of electronic components in prototyping and the production of small and medium series. All types of machines have he same software for setting, adjustment and production. The own high depth of production enables a fast customized implement.


4) JT

Shenzhen JT Automation Equipment Co., Ltd., stock code 300400, was established in 1997 and was restructured into a joint-stock company in 2004. It is currently a domestic manufacturer and supplier of special equipment integrating R&D, production and sales. It is a national high-tech enterprise. In 2019, the company's reflow soldering equipment won the single champion product of the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology. The company has about 1,100 employees. It has built two industrial parks in Shenzhen, equipped with a full set of production facilities and adopted an independent production mode. The products mainly include electronic manufacturing production and testing equipment, semiconductor equipment and special equipment for the optoelectronic display industry. Various electronic and optoelectronic products such as communications, mobile phones, automotive electronics, wearables, semiconductors, etc., provide intelligent equipment and solutions.

JTR Series Lead-Free Hot Air Reflow Oven

● Reinforced main hanging bracket to avoid rail deformation and board jamming;
● Multi-layer thermal insulation design. The Surface temperature of the Oven body is reduced by10 to 20 degrees, reducing the temperature of the working environment effectively;
● New cooling configuration to make the filteredor reclaimed air back to oven chamber, it can reduce the thermal loss as well as get better flux collection;
● 15% heat transferring efficiency was improved to deal with the lead free process with morecomplicated and larger products;
● The dual-rails conveyor is able to improve the production efficiency as well as save power andcost;
● Use the full protection of the sealed oven design to prevent nitrogen losing. So the lowestconcentration of oxygen can be reached to 150ppm;
● Nitrogen consumption is only 20-22M /H with the oxygen level 300-800ppm ;
● Nitrogen construction is option: High precision & reliable Oxygen analyzer +Cooling Water,Reduce the solder, avoid bridging, get good welding quality


Shen Zhen YUNI Precision Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional design and production of titanium fingers, heater elements, SMT peripheral equipment, and provide SMT equipment parts, non-standard parts design and production, equipment upgrading and one-stop service of Hong Kong enterprises. Our company always adhere to the "customer first, quality win" principle of service. In order to improve the products are widely used in the industry, the introduction of absorbing the advanced technology, combined with the requirements of customers, providing customers with different varieties, specifications of the products.

Now YUNI company has a group of advanced machinery and equipment, to absorb a large number of experienced, trained technical and production staff, set design, development, manufacturing, sales, after sale service. Our "standard management, abide by integrity, the pursuit of excellence, pragmatic and innovative" business philosophy, in good faith with customers, to join hands in creating a win-win! Your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit!

YUNI company has adopted the SGS ISO[1]9001 (2008 version) quality management system certification, strengthen the quality management of enterprises. On the internal standard operation procedures, the effective cost control; foreign increased domestic and foreign customer confidence, improve quality assurance. Future, Youming company also will continue to go beyond the self, continuous improvement, keep the leading position in the industry. Persevere, looking to the future, we are the advantages: high quality, good service, low cost, reach win-win!


6) MCDry

McDry dry cabinet for MSL components and desiccators provide optimal ultra-low humidity and moisture-proof storage for IC packages. Moisture-sensitive components when safely and properly stored in McDry have an indefinite floor-life and micro-cracking or pop-corning during the reflow process is not an issue. Other ideal storage applications for McDry include original prints, printed wiring boards(PWBs), polymide film, tape reels, feeders and various electronic components and materials. MSD dry smart dry cabinets conform to IPC/JEDEC J-STD 033D and IPC 1601 Guidelines.

Key features of Mcdry
1. DXU, MCU models maintain 1%RH
2. Wide range of dry cabinets including CE models
3. Conforms to IPC/JEDEC J-STD 033D
4. Dehumidifies ICs to prevent micro-cracking
5. Alternative to baking, MBBs and nitrogen storage
6. Powerful moisture absorbent never needs replacement
7. Digital RH meter included
8. ESD safe design
9. Optional chart recorder and data logger

7) ECD

Excellent process control is the foundation of a robust electronics manufacturing operation. And process control is what ECD does best. A pioneer in thermal profiling technology, we developed the market’s first in-transit profiler, the M.O.L.E.™, which has evolved to an award-winning line of multi-channel data capture devices synonymous with extreme precision and analysis. Together with scalable machine quality management tools, reflow oven process oversight software and reliable, accessible component dry storage technology, our electronics portfolio is designed to deliver high-quality, in-control manufacturing results.

8) PVA Tepla

9) OSCAR Ultrasonic

Microclean the latest compact high efficiency ultrasonic cleaner for small and intricate parts

Oscar offers wide range of industrial cleaning systems of high quality best suited for continuous operation in Indian atmospheric conditions. These equipments consist of a solid state ultrasonic generator and stainless steel tank, mounted with sandwitch type ultrasonic transducers made of piezoelectric crystals specially made for cleaning applications.

Ultrasonic transducers convert powerful ultrasonic oscillations produced by the generators into mechanical vibrations. This produces intense scrubbing action throughout the liquid filled in the tank which pulls out contaminants from hidden recesses of complicated assemblies / parts immersed in it for cleaning.


Contaminants like grease, oil, dust, rust, buffing, compound, flux, tar, blood, protein, oxide, ink, radioactivity, polish etc. can be easily removed by radioactivity, polish etc. can be easily removed by using ultrasonic cleaners. Ultrasonic also accelerates the chemical action of cleaning solvents

Quality, reliability, Higher productivity etc. are not merely corporate slogans but key elements to success. Ultrasonic cleaning is cost effective, minimise rejection rates, controls pollution and sets standards. Hence, it has a dominant role in industrial cleaning thus helps to achieve the above management objectives.

	OSCAR Ultrasonic